Improvisational Theatre

Playing improvisational theatre (improv) has become one of my latest activities. I take part in various training courses of the North American long-form improv at a training school in Berlin. Its conceptual ideas of 'listen, agree and support' very much align with values which I strive for in my daily life. Playing to the top of 'your' intelligence is is a challenging, yet respectful way to engage with others on stage and create great stories together.

It's an amazing art which challenges the creative part of my brain and provides a good balance to my usually quite logical and structured work-environment. It's hard work when on stage, but the fun with many amazing improvisers from all over the world, is paying off in ten-folds for this.

Sunday is usually the day where the stage is calling and where you can find me with fellow improvisers on stage. Come along and share a good laugh.

Scuba Diving

DIVING... What shall I say? It's a fantastic sport which I got hooked on, right from day one. I got certified in 2005, according to the SSI's Open Water Course Standards at Cairns, Great Barrier Reef, Australia.

The fascination of total silence under the surface, combined with an amazing underwater experience is very enjoyable to me. The landscape, the fish, the reefs, the plants - everything looks quite peaceful and relaxing.

My past dives have connected me with fun people from all over the world and have brought me to incredible dive sites such as Gilli Islands (Indonesia), Kona (Hawaii), Shelly Beach (Sydney), Porec (Croatia), Port Andratx (Mallorca), Costa Brava (Spain) and Budda Beach (Cambodia) just to name a few.

Diving with Manta Rays (Hawaii) or with some gigantic Grey Nurse Sharks (Sydney), have been some of the exceptional events over the past years.


Australia has also got me hooked on to this amazing sport. Whether its sailing through Sydney's spectacular harbour or at Lake Baldeney in Essen - all of it feels very energizing and requires a decent level of fitness and skills.

Over the years I acquired various licences such as the German 'Sport Boat Licence under Motor' as well as the 'Inland waterway license under Sail'. In addition I took part in multiple trainings at a popular Yacht School at Rushcutters Bay in Australia. Through this school I became part of a network of highly passionate sailors and got to meet an amazingly friendly and skilled couple. A beautiful maintained and well equipped 'Bavaria 34' became home for me, for most Saturdays to race competitively through Sydney Harbour. Charging towards the first 3 ranks, most of the times, we often got accompanied by Dolphins.

In Germany this hobby has come a little bit to a stand-still and is certainly less spectacular then in Australia. Still, I devote some of my sparetime to it - and explore lakes around Berlin to go Sailing with friends.