Smartphones for Colombia, 2024

Some of you may know about the volunteering work I did for Tallerdevida in Pereira, Colombia in 2023. It's an organisation to support afro-Colombian kids who suffered from many of the cruel activities of illegal organisations.

This "Smartphone Collection" will specifically support young kids and teenagers

Smartphones are normal in the western world and some of us can't live without those gadgets anymore. Some of us may have one or two spare phones which you don't use anymore. I'm looking to collect some old phones and hand them over to the Director of Tallerdevida, Stella, in  2024.

The kids supported by Tallerdevida, most often can't afford any phones or phones get stolen,  displays brake and batteries discharge rapidly. They need some smartphones to socialise, stay in touch with families and keep safe.

If you happen to have an old smartphone you don't need anymore, then please contact me via WhatsApp as soon as possible.

Phones shall fulfil those minimum requirements: smartphones only please, no significant damage to the display (small scratches are okay, but no broken displays), functioning charging connection, functioning battery. 

Further information on the organisation can be found here: