Taller de Vida Colombia, 2023

With this fundraiser, we seek to support young people in Colombia, through "Taller de Vida". 

Since 1994, they have worked on the development of psycho-social support, based on human development, social inclusion and education. They develop many processes and projects directly with kids, families and communities affected by social-political violence in Colombia.

This Fundraiser will specifically support the "Educational project". 

We want indigenous girls, young women and afro women to be able to study and become 'professionals'. The funds shall help to support the university fees, housing as well as cost of living and transportation for around 10 people.

Further information on the organisation can be found here:

We would be very greatful for any donation with which you could support the project for those young people. Thanks a lot, Stella, Andrea and Ralf. 

Stella (3rd right) is the Director of Taller de Vida and is responsible for their activities. Andrea (2nd left) is in charge of this particular project within Taller de Vida. Ralf (2nd right) supports the project globally and owns this Fundraiser. 

Berliner Tafel e. V.

When the global Corona pandemic started in 2020, many people were in need to receive additional help as many services, including communal services were interrupted or suspended.

Berliner Tavel e. V. is an organisation which helps people to obtain food or groceries at no cost, as well as helps to reduce food-waste. They mainly collect left over groceries from Supermarkets. Prior the pandemic, they collected groceries as described and cooked food for the people of Berlin. The people in need could then come to public places and receive their cooked meals. Sometimes hundreds of people lined up at public places, churches and markets to receive food.

Due to the corona restrictions to mass-gatherings, the above concept of providing meals at public places could not be continued anymore. Berliner Tavel e. V. changed their approach, instead of providing meals publicly, they delivered the groceries directly to the individual households in need. Due to this, their support model changed completely and they needed a lot of additional help for collecting, sorting and delivering of the groceries. This is where I helped them to support the people in Berlin.

Kenya CyberLibrary School, Eldoret 2007

To set up a training centre in Eldoret, Rift Valley Province, Kenya - around 70 Computers and accessories, plus library books were collected and sent from Australia to Kenya. The Computers were previously fully refurbished through an organisation in NSW. 

 The purpose of this training centre was:

This facility was established in the Lessos Educational Centre, with students from Moi University as volunteer instructors.

More information can be found via the following link: Kenyan Cyberlibraries Project

1st Photo: Computers, Hardware and books packed into a 20" container in Sydney, ready to leave for ocean-shipping to Kenya.

2nd Photo:  All equipment arrived safely at the training centre in Eldoret, after it was being retrieved from Mombasa port and transported by school-bus to the village.

Tsunami Relief 2005

It was my first few weeks at Schenker in Sydney and I helped to co-ordinate the supply of food, clothes and other essentials to the degree of packing my first 40" container at 32 degrees in the Australian sun.

With many colleagues we collected items from the citizens of Sydney. At a certain point, our warehouse was overwhelmed with the amount of clothes, toys and food donated by the local Australians.

We worked countless hours to sort the itmes and prepare them for safe shipping to Indonesia.

Knowing that every little step can help the families of the survivors was a great reward.