Logistics Professional

I come with many years experience in the logistics & supply chain sector with a proven track record since 2000 in the management of various strategic, tactical and operational change projects for the optimisation of international supply chain networks.

I managed and developed global client relationships in the logistics services industry.

I have a strong customer- and service oriented mindset with focus on quality and meeting agreed deadlines. I'm extremely goal oriented, well organized on and off the job with a strong personal discipline. A self starter with a high level of drive and initiative.

I deliver results using a common sense approach, by honesty and through extensive collaboration within the companie's own business units as well as through dialogue between company and the customer's business units serviced.

I have highly developed people- and project leadership capabilities based on over 20 years experience in the Logistics Business with 10 years of managing global teams from different cultural backgrounds.


More details can be found through my official LinkedIn .